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Welcome to Skiptondivers

Skipton Buddy Divers - Established 1993.

We are a Yorkshire based diving club and forum with members from Skipton, Keighley, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Lancashire, London, Manchester, Liverpool and have been diving together for nearly 20 years.

We dive all over the UK and also have liveaboard holidays to the Red Sea and other top dive locations.

Join Skiptondivers

We look forward to meeting you at our monthly meet which is held at the Kings Arms pub in Silsden on the first Thursday in the month at 20.00 hrs.

You are also able to join using our forum here.

* About Skipton Buddy Divers

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A little bit about Skipton Buddy Divers

You have found the pages of a few diver friends who formed a scuba diving club in 1993.

If you are interested in scuba diving in the UK and would like to join us on our diving trips to the Red Sea and other top dive locations, please feel free to contact Skipton Buddy Divers by joining this forum and becoming a member.


We dive various sites up and down the country. Within these pages we hope to introduce you to scuba diving, or indeed if you are already a diver, get you back in the water. We travel all over the UK, diving from the North of Scotland right down to the South Coast. We also have diving club trips to the Red Sea on both Live Aboards and Cruise and Stay packages. On our scuba diving forum our members post topics about where they will be diving next, so join our divers forum and get on the trips. Our members include qualified PADI instructors that carry out diver training at their own PADI training schools for that special sub aqua experience.


Members of our dive club are from Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Huddersfield, London, Liverpool, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire and made up with a few friends that we have met on various dive trips. If you are looking for a dive buddy, join our diving club and forum, our members dive virtually every weekend at various dive sites. So get your scuba kit out of the attic and join us.

Training School

If you are looking for diver training to further your diving qualification look no further than our very own training school.

Our members include PADI certified instructors, EFR First Aid. Below The Surface has their own training and practice pool, equipment and training facilities. They are always busy training divers in the pool and at top dive sites.

Below The Surface

If you require pool sessions to practice your skills or test your latest scuba diving purchase, please contact Bill by following their link under 'Training Schools' on the forum.


Our ultimate aim is to have you join as a diving member of Skipton Buddy Divers and contribute on our forum.
Interested? We meet the first Thursday in the month @ 20:00hrs at the Kings Arms pub in Silsden - why not come and join us - no obligation.

Did you know that SCUBA is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter by following these links to our pages.

* Brief Scuba History

Mankind first enjoyed an under water experience during the 1700s, using a dive bell or sealed suit which had breathing air manually pumped from the surface into the bell or divers helmet. Scuba diving progressed in the 1960s with Jacques-Yves Cousteau developing the aqualung which introduced sport diving to the public. During the 1970s, improved valves, more accurate pressure guages, bouyancy control devices and other developments in safety equipment gave further appeal to the masses, making scuba diving the very popular sport it is today. The regulator mouth piece in use today was developed by Ted Eldred, an Australian. Experiencing the feeling of complete freedom underwater is extremely hard to convey to someone who has never been to depth. The colours, variety of species, amazing corals, shipwrecks, the list is endless and all equally hard to describe to a non diver. For an idea of what we divers enjoy, you can look at the images within our photo gallery on the forum.
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